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Happy New Creative Year!

I have just completed the obligatory, pre party ‘but my house is always this tidy’ clean up but the exciting thing is it’s only 3pm so that has to be an all time record!! I’m usually still going just as the bell goes. Just time enough to blog one more time before 2015, woohoo!

I always start the year with at least 30 new years resolutions so that way if I only do one I still feel pretty good about myself; less pressure.

This year I intend to:

  • Try and keep the house tidier (hmm, good luck with that one).
  • Not to over load myself and say yes to everything (bah ha ha yeah right)
  • Spend more time with each child (do-able me thinks)
  • Try and do something crafty once a day (no worries) and clean up afterwards (oh come on!!)
  • Make more clothing rather than just accessories.
  • Be kinder (even when I’m in the car)
  • Be happy with where I am right now in life.
  • Love my body and face (I certainly can’t afford to pay for new ones!)
  • Complete the #crazynewyou instagram challenge on Crazy little projects
  • Complete the #sewmystash year long instagram challenge on Project:Leasa
  • Knit a hat and scarf with one of my Instagram mates
  • Do my tax paperwork every month rather than the whole lot two days before the deadline (wah ha ha ha sorry just fell off my chair)
  • Go back to point 2 and cut this list down by half!!!

These are just a few. But you know what, I love this time of year. I love the feeling of a new start, wiping the slate clean so to speak. If I start well maybe I’ll finish well, maybe not. But thats okay, I’m doing my best just like every other human on this crazy planet and that’s enough.

Huge love to you all and I hope you have the most magical, amazing, creative, productive and peaceful year. Remember, you rock!!


Umm, that was meant to be blowing you all a big kiss but my son reckons it’s an epic fail, what does he know! Bah ha ha and now all the three of the kids are comically imitating me! Lucky I can laugh at myself! they think they are clever now but just you wait until they are older and want a car!

My first creative post woop woop! Wish me luck people’s.

Hello my Pretties.

Well, after some expert tutorial advice from my best mate Bedlam & Bird I feel I may just be able to post my first actual craft related post and maybe even share on Facebook, ooh do I dare? (Did you notice that link I did up there, pretty clever huh?)

Okay so, I thought I would show you a very basic project I worked on over Christmas.

This is one of the easiest, quickest and most rewarding projects. It took me about an hour and cost me about £7.

The excellent tutorial I followed is on the lovely blog Best Birthdays. I found this on Pinterest along with most of the other ideas I have ever made. I bought 5 contrasting balls  of uber cheap yarn from the Wimbledon Sewing Centre (my go to place for all things Haberdashery) and tied and cut till had these adorable huge pom pom’s. Then I simply tied them onto ribbon and Voila! the cutest pom pom garland ever!

Here are a few photo’s that might help to use along with the blog link above.

Make sure to tie it super tight otherwise the strands fall out. One tip I totally ignored on the first pom pom is to make sure that you leave a long strand when you tie it in the middle so that you can hold it when cutting the loops.




After you have cut the bottom it should look like thisIMG_2752



After you cut the top as well you have this little puddle of loveliness. I know it looks like a mess but once you have taken your trusty shears to it it will become beautiful!



Yes it’s true you lose a lot of yarn after shaping the pom pom but I am going to use it to stuff a pillow me thinks so that there’s no wastage.


Let me know what you think and have a fabulous, safe and creative New year! Big Love and God bless!


This is terrifying!!!….

No really! This is truly terrifying! I am not a scaredy cat by any means but putting myself out here into the great unknown blogosphere (is that what it is even called?)is just a little bit scary.

I sat here looking at this page and for the first time in my life was lost for words.

What to say? What not to say? Am I witty enough? My friends seem to think I’m pretty funny but maybe they have no sense of humour? Of course they do, I think they are hilarious!!

And just what is a widget? How do I get all those cool things on the side of the column over there ——> How do I link it up to Instagram & Pinterest? What on earth are tags? Are they like the hashtag things I have only just started working out on Instagram? Do I really have to read the ‘how to’ section on WordPress? Does no-one on here realise that I have a very short attention span not to mention no patience!

How do I? What should I? How could I? Will I? Will they?Aaaaaargh!!!!

Okay Lady, stop aaaaaaaaaand breath. Phew, okay. Here goes, wish me luck I’m going in………